Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Christmas Prep

Posted by Maren

 Ladies, I am so sad that I never took before and after pictures of these dolls. I planned your Christmas presents WAY in advance! I was perusing some garage sales last Summer and this lady had pulled out about 30 porcelain dolls. She said she even had more in the back! I thought to myself, this could make a nice gift for Ellie---I know I loved porcelain dolls when I was a girl. I may have also mentioned that to the lady. Then the thought came to me, "do I want this doll in my house? Ack!" And then the morbid thought of using two of these dolls to creep out Sarah and Jenny did it for me. SOLD.  I bought two dolls for $6 bucks. That poor woman had NO idea what I was actually going to do to her poor little beautiful dolls. And I wasn't about to change my story in front of her neither.  "Yes, my DAUGHTER will love these!"  I stored them in my closet for quite some time figuring out what exactly or HOW exactly I was going to do this. I knew I was going to visit Jenny's fam a couple months before Christmas, so I prepared hers first. As I cut into the doll's neck, I pictured centipedes crawling out and up my arms.  I felt officially creeped out. I was killing this doll! How morbid of me. The worst part was pulling the head off the body because the stuffing came with it! Sick. Well, as you see from Sarah and Jenny's previous posts, I wrapped up the body with a creepy note and hid the doll head in their houses.  I made plans to visit Jenny's fam that Fall with Joe and the kids and we took over their basement giving us some time to figure out the best place to hide it. I wanted to hide it in a packing box that she wouldn't find until she moved back to Alberta, but Joe persuaded me to hide it underneath the guest bed. Not just by itself, but with a clown (The elf-witch clown that I ALSO bought at this same garage sale---I scored) holding its head. I was against the clown since Brett is not a fan of clowns and swore he would get me back if I ever hid that clown in his house, but again, Joe convinced me to do it. I regretted it as soon as I left their house! The worst is that although Abbott found the head of the doll, BRETT found the clown! So, I'm kind of in trouble.

As far as Sarah's gift, I almost didn't do it because I wasn't sure who I could get to hide the doll's head. Would (Sarah's) Joe remember? Would Alysha see her before Christmas, etc? Well, all my worries came to a halt when Joe surprised me with a trip to Alberta before Christmas! Sarah's doll came in a grande box with a cut out where the doll's head was supposed to be, but in its place I had the note from the doll.  Sarah's note was the creepiest. As I wrote it, I could feel myself thinking how impressed Jenny would be of its creepiness, and wished that I had written the same thing for her. Ha!  "Amber" wrote to Sarah that she would haunt her until she reunited her body with her head (except more creepy than that and in a red crayon) , but all I could really think of as I was writing was what if this was really Amber writing through me FOR ME and not Sarah!?  Honestly, it was kind of creepy and I was happy to have those dolls out of my house!  I thought of the doll owner with her millions of dolls and if she knew what I had done to her doll, perhaps she would join with Amber and her massive box of dolls in haunting me!  Ha!  I have an imagination.  When I came to visit Sarah, I included her daughter, Taylor, in the process. We had meetings while Sarah was not around and met at the DH (Doll Head) headquarters. Which was the storage room in the basement. I felt like I needed some good ideas from her since I didn't know her new house that well.  AND it was fun to have Taylor in on it.  At first we were going to hide it in a board game and Taylor would be the one to mention playing the game, ...but we figured that might be too risky as they are a board game playing family and she would likely find it before Christmas. Taylor and I were honestly having such a hard time figuring out a place when Sarah wasn't right there. It was fun though. So, I didn't have a ton of opportunities and ended up having to hide it without Taylor (not the most creative place since Jenny already used this idea on me). I hope Taylor didn't feel like I abandoned her. She was more excited about hiding the doll than I was, ...which gives me hope that the DH legacy will live on!

Pretty sure I'm next.  I know exactly what I would do with those dolls if I were you. So if you don't use my idea, ...then just look out!!!  (Clue quote)


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