Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Christmas Prep

Posted by Maren

 Ladies, I am so sad that I never took before and after pictures of these dolls. I planned your Christmas presents WAY in advance! I was perusing some garage sales last Summer and this lady had pulled out about 30 porcelain dolls. She said she even had more in the back! I thought to myself, this could make a nice gift for Ellie---I know I loved porcelain dolls when I was a girl. I may have also mentioned that to the lady. Then the thought came to me, "do I want this doll in my house? Ack!" And then the morbid thought of using two of these dolls to creep out Sarah and Jenny did it for me. SOLD.  I bought two dolls for $6 bucks. That poor woman had NO idea what I was actually going to do to her poor little beautiful dolls. And I wasn't about to change my story in front of her neither.  "Yes, my DAUGHTER will love these!"  I stored them in my closet for quite some time figuring out what exactly or HOW exactly I was going to do this. I knew I was going to visit Jenny's fam a couple months before Christmas, so I prepared hers first. As I cut into the doll's neck, I pictured centipedes crawling out and up my arms.  I felt officially creeped out. I was killing this doll! How morbid of me. The worst part was pulling the head off the body because the stuffing came with it! Sick. Well, as you see from Sarah and Jenny's previous posts, I wrapped up the body with a creepy note and hid the doll head in their houses.  I made plans to visit Jenny's fam that Fall with Joe and the kids and we took over their basement giving us some time to figure out the best place to hide it. I wanted to hide it in a packing box that she wouldn't find until she moved back to Alberta, but Joe persuaded me to hide it underneath the guest bed. Not just by itself, but with a clown (The elf-witch clown that I ALSO bought at this same garage sale---I scored) holding its head. I was against the clown since Brett is not a fan of clowns and swore he would get me back if I ever hid that clown in his house, but again, Joe convinced me to do it. I regretted it as soon as I left their house! The worst is that although Abbott found the head of the doll, BRETT found the clown! So, I'm kind of in trouble.

As far as Sarah's gift, I almost didn't do it because I wasn't sure who I could get to hide the doll's head. Would (Sarah's) Joe remember? Would Alysha see her before Christmas, etc? Well, all my worries came to a halt when Joe surprised me with a trip to Alberta before Christmas! Sarah's doll came in a grande box with a cut out where the doll's head was supposed to be, but in its place I had the note from the doll.  Sarah's note was the creepiest. As I wrote it, I could feel myself thinking how impressed Jenny would be of its creepiness, and wished that I had written the same thing for her. Ha!  "Amber" wrote to Sarah that she would haunt her until she reunited her body with her head (except more creepy than that and in a red crayon) , but all I could really think of as I was writing was what if this was really Amber writing through me FOR ME and not Sarah!?  Honestly, it was kind of creepy and I was happy to have those dolls out of my house!  I thought of the doll owner with her millions of dolls and if she knew what I had done to her doll, perhaps she would join with Amber and her massive box of dolls in haunting me!  Ha!  I have an imagination.  When I came to visit Sarah, I included her daughter, Taylor, in the process. We had meetings while Sarah was not around and met at the DH (Doll Head) headquarters. Which was the storage room in the basement. I felt like I needed some good ideas from her since I didn't know her new house that well.  AND it was fun to have Taylor in on it.  At first we were going to hide it in a board game and Taylor would be the one to mention playing the game, ...but we figured that might be too risky as they are a board game playing family and she would likely find it before Christmas. Taylor and I were honestly having such a hard time figuring out a place when Sarah wasn't right there. It was fun though. So, I didn't have a ton of opportunities and ended up having to hide it without Taylor (not the most creative place since Jenny already used this idea on me). I hope Taylor didn't feel like I abandoned her. She was more excited about hiding the doll than I was, ...which gives me hope that the DH legacy will live on!

Pretty sure I'm next.  I know exactly what I would do with those dolls if I were you. So if you don't use my idea, ...then just look out!!!  (Clue quote)


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So, I also unwrapped a headless doll on Christmas morning from Maren. So scary! And the note said that her head was somewhere in my house.
I was terrified to go home and find it. The girls were trying to find it and I told them to stop!!! Well, I found the head about a week ago, I was getting some shoes out for church and I found it. I was too scared to even touch it. I used another shoe to get the shoe out that I needed for church.
Maren thinks she will be haunted by the dolls she cut the heads off of. I think she is right.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas Dollhead

Written By Jenny

I have this fear that I'm going to be murdered and as the police search my house they'll find all these doll heads with headless bodies and smashed up faces and it'll go in some newspaper that I'm deeply disturbed

Maren sent me a Christmas present this year and when I opened it I saw this:

I laughed so hard and said "good one" out loud. Maren really out did herself this year with this new stunt. I went on with my life thinking nothing of it and then Abbott was trotting around playing and talking to some toy, when I approached him I saw that it was the HEAD that belonged to the body Maren sent me!! How did it get in my house?!! I guess Maren had planted it under the guest bed a couple months earlier and Abbott just so happened to go under there and grab it that day!! I wish I'd taken a picture of it because it truly freaked me out for a while.

May the doll head haunt my dreams forever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm Watching You

Post Written By: Jenny

I've decided that when it's your birthday that's when you get the dollhead the most. I received 2 packages from my sisters in the last couple of weeks leading up to my birthday; one from Sarah which had dollhead #3 wrapped up in a Target t-shirt and one from Maren which was a package of Canadian goodies, including a bag of my favorite chip which contained dollhead #2 smashed to bits and wrapped up in a note and saran-wrap. The note said "I'm Watching You" with the one eye that was left dangling on the head.

It actually made my husband lose his appetite, but I just laughed and started eating the amazingly delicious chips that are only made in Canada (p.s. Maren almost that entire package of chips and chocolate is gone).

I have the best sisters.

Get ready ladies... I have ALL of the dollheads in my possession.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

There Can Only Be One

Posted by: Maren

I have loved reading this last post of all the funny things we have done to each other and the lengths we have gone to creep each other out.  I think one of my favourite ways that I got back at Jenny a few years ago was when Joe and I had made hamburger soup for Jenny and Brett and put the doll head in a plastic baggie and threw it on in there.  I don't know how much they ate after discovering that.  Pretty sure it would have put off my appetite!

After Sarah and I had sent doll head #2 to Jenny for her birthday two years ago, she came to visit me at Christmas in Burlington and managed to hide this little beaut (below) in my front closet among my shoes.  It took me forever to find it and I knew it was coming!  That's the thing with this doll head, sometimes weeks go by before discovering one, and sometimes months.  Here's what I wrote on my blog:

Jan 14, 2013

Allow me to explain this picture.  Sarah, Jenny and I have had this ongoing inside joke about a doll head for years.  For Christmas one year, Jenny and I were looking for a gift for Sarah and came upon the weirdest gift we had ever seen.  A porcelain doll head ornament.  No body.  Just a head.  We thought it was hilarious.  Since then we have hidden the doll randomly throughout each others houses.  Well, it's gotten more difficult to do since we've all moved away from each other.  And our original doll has gone missing (or someone's holding on to it and I have no idea where it is!).  So, a while back Sarah and I purchased another doll head - a sister if you will - and sent it to Jenny for her birthday a year and a half ago inside a bag of chips!  Haha!  Well, after Jenny's visit a couple weeks back she hinted that there was something that she left behind.  I immediately knew what she was referring to!  For WEEKS I was extra observant thinking I'm going to find this creepy head in the weirdest of places.  The freezer?  Under a towel?  Inside a pot?  Mostly, I just wanted to prepare myself so I wouldn't get freaked out.  Well, just yesterday as I was searching for a pair of shoes to wear to church, I came upon this bag with this note and the doll head destroyed!  Haha!  Since it is not the original doll head it makes it that much more hilarious. Thank you Jenny.
May the doll head live on.

It looks as though even I have the original doll head story wrong in my re-capture.  But as I think back on it now, why in the world would Jenny be with me at Micheals when truly, that is more of a Sarah-store?  So, it makes much more sense that Sarah would have been there with me and THEN we gave it to Jenny and on and on.  At least now that we have an official blog, we can write these stories down as they happen and don't have to rely on our memories!  I truly do think we will be old and wrinkly and still passing around a disgusting and creepy doll head.  So help me, as long as there is or a Micheals in the world, the doll head WILL live on!

Friday, August 16, 2013

My favourite dollhead moments

Posted by: Sarah

First I want to clear things up!  We all have different stories on how the dollhead started.  I was stalking on Jenny's blog and came across this, quoted from Jenny:

I bestowed a gift on Maren. Another Doll Head. There's a huge story behind this, but the short version is on Christmas Maren gave me a Doll head as a prank gift and ever since we've been hiding it in each others houses the past year in VERY funny ways. My personal favorite was when Sarah got a key to my house and taped the doll head to the back of my toilet seat (good one Sarah) and who could forget putting it in Maren's slurpee? hahaha. good times. Well... a while ago I sent two locks of hair threw the mail to each sister with a letter that said "she's coming". So I couldn't leave without buying a NEW doll head for this Christmas and leaving it for Maren to find. 

So. Do we have the story straight yet?!

I can't decide on my favourite time I gave the dollhead, so here are my favourites!

One time, Jenny and I knew Maren was out of town and we wanted to scare her when she came back home.  Well, either her door was unlocked or we knew where the key was, but we got inside her house and hung the dollhead from a string from the chandelier in her front entrance so when she walked in it would be right there.  Did it work Maren?

I also love the time when I taped the dollhead hanging by a string outside Jenny's sliding glass door so that it would bang against the glass in the wind to be even more creepy!  I wish I was there when she found it!

Another time, Jenny and I put the dollhead in Maren's slurpee, you could see her face through the cup!  I just spent about an hour looking for these pictures cause I knew I had them!

Next.  This one took Maren and I a couple hours to prepare, but for Jenny's birthday we mailed her all her favourite Canadian candy and chips.  Inside her favourite bag of chips we put a ransom note with the dollhead.  Yes, we opened the bag and then resealed it with double sided tape.  This is what we did to the second dollhead she left at Maren's house at Christmas.

Here is the blog post of when Jenny got this in the mail!

As I was creeping on Jenny's blog I found some more pics of the first dollhead!

This one I can't remember too much, we stuffed one of Noah's fuzzy sleepers and then put the dollhead in the head spot.  I think we then put it in his crib?

And then this one is the second dollhead Jenny bought and left in Maren's house when she was visiting at Christmas!  This is the one Maren and I cut the hair off of and marked up to send to Jenny for her birthday!

The 3rd dollhead was bought by Maren and Jenny online.  And when we went to visit Jenny in April this year they taped it hanging by a string above Zoe's playpen to try and scare me.  I actually didn't even see it until Maren pointed it out, nice try guys!  And of course we all have matching dollhead t-shirts Jenny made for us for Christmas this year.  I wear mine all the time.  And then Jenny taped the dollhead to the rear view mirror in Maren's van right before we were leaving.  And then Maren stuck it in my luggage before she drove me to the airport.

I just sent dollhead number 3 to Jenny for her birthday!  It wasn't very clever, I just wrapped it up in a shirt I got her for her birthday.  I wanted to tape the head around the neck of the shirt but it wasn't working!

Can't wait until it appears again....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

5 Years Ago

Post written by: Jenny

I almost wish we had made this blog 5 years ago, so we could read through every single dollhead event. Who knew that we'd last this long!!

My dream is that we'll never quit. We'll be 3 creepy old ladies delivering creepy dollheads to one another in random ways.

My personnal favorite dollhead scare was 4 years ago when Sarah broke into my house while I was on vacation and taped the dollhead to the back of my toilet seat. I remember when I flipped the seat back I screamed a little followed by hysterical laughter.

Why a creepy dollhead?

It's our way of showing love to each other. Wouldn't a nice card or a phone call be good enough to show our love? Nope. Not for us. Firstly we have trouble saying the actual words "I love you" to each other and secondly we prefer doing it this way to begin with. It's crazy, it's fun and it embodies everything that is us as sisters.

I wouldn't change it for anything.