Friday, August 16, 2013

My favourite dollhead moments

Posted by: Sarah

First I want to clear things up!  We all have different stories on how the dollhead started.  I was stalking on Jenny's blog and came across this, quoted from Jenny:

I bestowed a gift on Maren. Another Doll Head. There's a huge story behind this, but the short version is on Christmas Maren gave me a Doll head as a prank gift and ever since we've been hiding it in each others houses the past year in VERY funny ways. My personal favorite was when Sarah got a key to my house and taped the doll head to the back of my toilet seat (good one Sarah) and who could forget putting it in Maren's slurpee? hahaha. good times. Well... a while ago I sent two locks of hair threw the mail to each sister with a letter that said "she's coming". So I couldn't leave without buying a NEW doll head for this Christmas and leaving it for Maren to find. 

So. Do we have the story straight yet?!

I can't decide on my favourite time I gave the dollhead, so here are my favourites!

One time, Jenny and I knew Maren was out of town and we wanted to scare her when she came back home.  Well, either her door was unlocked or we knew where the key was, but we got inside her house and hung the dollhead from a string from the chandelier in her front entrance so when she walked in it would be right there.  Did it work Maren?

I also love the time when I taped the dollhead hanging by a string outside Jenny's sliding glass door so that it would bang against the glass in the wind to be even more creepy!  I wish I was there when she found it!

Another time, Jenny and I put the dollhead in Maren's slurpee, you could see her face through the cup!  I just spent about an hour looking for these pictures cause I knew I had them!

Next.  This one took Maren and I a couple hours to prepare, but for Jenny's birthday we mailed her all her favourite Canadian candy and chips.  Inside her favourite bag of chips we put a ransom note with the dollhead.  Yes, we opened the bag and then resealed it with double sided tape.  This is what we did to the second dollhead she left at Maren's house at Christmas.

Here is the blog post of when Jenny got this in the mail!

As I was creeping on Jenny's blog I found some more pics of the first dollhead!

This one I can't remember too much, we stuffed one of Noah's fuzzy sleepers and then put the dollhead in the head spot.  I think we then put it in his crib?

And then this one is the second dollhead Jenny bought and left in Maren's house when she was visiting at Christmas!  This is the one Maren and I cut the hair off of and marked up to send to Jenny for her birthday!

The 3rd dollhead was bought by Maren and Jenny online.  And when we went to visit Jenny in April this year they taped it hanging by a string above Zoe's playpen to try and scare me.  I actually didn't even see it until Maren pointed it out, nice try guys!  And of course we all have matching dollhead t-shirts Jenny made for us for Christmas this year.  I wear mine all the time.  And then Jenny taped the dollhead to the rear view mirror in Maren's van right before we were leaving.  And then Maren stuck it in my luggage before she drove me to the airport.

I just sent dollhead number 3 to Jenny for her birthday!  It wasn't very clever, I just wrapped it up in a shirt I got her for her birthday.  I wanted to tape the head around the neck of the shirt but it wasn't working!

Can't wait until it appears again....

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