Sunday, August 18, 2013

There Can Only Be One

Posted by: Maren

I have loved reading this last post of all the funny things we have done to each other and the lengths we have gone to creep each other out.  I think one of my favourite ways that I got back at Jenny a few years ago was when Joe and I had made hamburger soup for Jenny and Brett and put the doll head in a plastic baggie and threw it on in there.  I don't know how much they ate after discovering that.  Pretty sure it would have put off my appetite!

After Sarah and I had sent doll head #2 to Jenny for her birthday two years ago, she came to visit me at Christmas in Burlington and managed to hide this little beaut (below) in my front closet among my shoes.  It took me forever to find it and I knew it was coming!  That's the thing with this doll head, sometimes weeks go by before discovering one, and sometimes months.  Here's what I wrote on my blog:

Jan 14, 2013

Allow me to explain this picture.  Sarah, Jenny and I have had this ongoing inside joke about a doll head for years.  For Christmas one year, Jenny and I were looking for a gift for Sarah and came upon the weirdest gift we had ever seen.  A porcelain doll head ornament.  No body.  Just a head.  We thought it was hilarious.  Since then we have hidden the doll randomly throughout each others houses.  Well, it's gotten more difficult to do since we've all moved away from each other.  And our original doll has gone missing (or someone's holding on to it and I have no idea where it is!).  So, a while back Sarah and I purchased another doll head - a sister if you will - and sent it to Jenny for her birthday a year and a half ago inside a bag of chips!  Haha!  Well, after Jenny's visit a couple weeks back she hinted that there was something that she left behind.  I immediately knew what she was referring to!  For WEEKS I was extra observant thinking I'm going to find this creepy head in the weirdest of places.  The freezer?  Under a towel?  Inside a pot?  Mostly, I just wanted to prepare myself so I wouldn't get freaked out.  Well, just yesterday as I was searching for a pair of shoes to wear to church, I came upon this bag with this note and the doll head destroyed!  Haha!  Since it is not the original doll head it makes it that much more hilarious. Thank you Jenny.
May the doll head live on.

It looks as though even I have the original doll head story wrong in my re-capture.  But as I think back on it now, why in the world would Jenny be with me at Micheals when truly, that is more of a Sarah-store?  So, it makes much more sense that Sarah would have been there with me and THEN we gave it to Jenny and on and on.  At least now that we have an official blog, we can write these stories down as they happen and don't have to rely on our memories!  I truly do think we will be old and wrinkly and still passing around a disgusting and creepy doll head.  So help me, as long as there is or a Micheals in the world, the doll head WILL live on!

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  1. yes! haha... I'm glad you enjoyed that one. I feel like we did better pranks back in the day. We need to go all out again. Me next!! hehehe.. get ready